Welcome to r e g a r t s

Hi there! My name is Regis, often shortened to Reg, and I am passionate about the arts

(Reg is then pronounced rej - /rɛdʒ/)

At the moment I focus on being a sound engineer and especially a music maker.

My philosophy is to consider every track and every song as a form of art in itself rather than a mainstream, commercial product. 

Every day, I compose, mix, master and produce altogether in my own, modest (yet wonderful), Netherlands-based studio known as r e g a r t s studio.

With a clear but non-exclusive focus on electronic genres, my music was once qualified by a fellow musician as ‘intelligent’ (as in IDM) whereas I’d spontaneously describe it as emotional. I guess it is actually a good synthesis between the two worlds: well-thought, complex and feeling-triggering.
And if you add the fact that it usually makes your body move, in the end you’re likely to get something for you mind your body and your soul!

Enjoy the ride...

Earth without art is just eh.

– Salvador Dalí


Electronic music projects of r e g a r t s studio. Most of this stuff can be regarded as alternative. But don't be afraid, it’s all good!

Film Scores

Find here a selection of videos of screen compositions produced at r e g a r t s.


Whether you are a singer, DJ, rapper, video maker, performer, …, I’m always keen on collaborating with other artists. View some past collabs at r e g a r t s studio.


What is your need? I have the solution! ;) Whether it is mixing, mastering or fixing the acoustic issues of your studio, I am here to help.

Tech Stuff

Do you want to learn how to create or hack MIDI controllers (especially for Ableton Live)? Or do you need to understand some acoustics theory, tips and tricks? I will try to explain some of the stuff I learnt here.


Are you interested in a collaboration? Do you want to book a gig? Do you want to contribute or get helped on the tech stuff? Feel free to contact me.